Weird Holidays in March You Didn’t Know Existed

This month we’re obviously celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but what other holidays in March should we be celebrating? There is a holiday every day this month! Below is a list we made of the weird holidays in March you didn’t know existed.

March 1 – National Pig Day

March 2 – Old Stuff Day & Dr. Seuss Day

March 3 – National Anthem Day & If Pets Had Thumbs Day

March 4 – Dress In Blue Day

March 5 – Cheese Doodle Day

March 6 – Dentist Day & National Frozen Food Day

March 7 – Cereal Day

March 8 – Organize Your Home Office Day

March 9 – Panic Day

March 10 – Pack Your Lunch Day

March 11 – Middle Name Pride Day

March 12 – Plant A Flower Day

March 13 – Ear Muff Day

March 14 – National Pi Day (3.14)

March 15 – True Confessions Day

March 16 – Freedom Of Information Day

March 17 – Submarine Day

March 18 – Awkward Moments Day & Forgive Mom And Dad Day

March 19 – Poultry Day

March 20 – Proposal Day

March 21 – Fragrance Day

March 22 – National Goof Off Day

March 23 – Puppy Day & National Chip And Dip Day

March 24 – National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

March 25 – Waffle Day

March 26 – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 27 – Neighbor Day

March 28 – Something On A Stick Day & Weed Appreciation Day

March 29 – Smoke And Mirrors Day

March 30 – Take A Walk In The Park Day

March 31 – Crayola Crayon Day

Special thanks to Days of the Year and Holiday Insights for providing us with most of this information.

Happy (wacky) holidays! And have a blast celebrating! If you know of any weird holidays we’re missing then fill us in on the fun by commenting below!

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4 thoughts on “Weird Holidays in March You Didn’t Know Existed

  1. Hahaha. Some of these are so great! We have a birthday and anniversary in march so it’s funny to see the wacky holiday on those days. Our anniversary is awkward moments and forgive mom and dad day. Love it. 🙂 plus I love that the wacky holiday for Easter is neighbor day. Fits perfectly. 🙂

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