Online Abbreviations Guide For Moms

I’ll admit it. . . . I’ve been part of an online mommy group for half a year or so and I am still guessing what everyone is talking about when they use abbreviations and slang. So to help myself and all the new moms out, I’m compiling a list of all the abbreviations and slang that moms use online and in mommy chat groups. If you’re like me, read the abbreviations guide for moms below so you can stop guessing and start looking like a pro! 😉

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Online Abbreviations Guide for Moms

AP: attachment parenting

BBT: basal body temperature

BF: breastfed

BIL: brother-in-law

BLW: baby led weaning

CIO: cry it out

DD/DS: dear daughter/dear son

DH: dear husband

EBF: exclusively breast fed

EDD: estimated due date

FF: formula fed

FTM: first time mom

GOAT: gone over all these (read all previous replies)

HIPPO: humbly/happily ignoring previous poster’s opinions (didn’t read or ignoring previous replies)

IUI: intrauterine insemination (helps treat infertility)

IVF: in vetro fertilization (helps treat infertility)

L&D: labor and delivery

LO: little one

MC: miscarriage

MIL: mother-in-law

ODS/ODD: oldest dear son/oldest dear daughter

SAHM: stay-at-home mom

SIL: sister-in-law

SMH: shake my head

SO: significant other

T&P: thoughts and prayers

TIA: thanks in advance

VBAC: vaginal birth after c-section

WAH: work at home

WSS: what she said (usually referring to a prior post)

Are there other abbreviations you’ve come across that we should know about? Comment below and help a girl out!

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