Easter Brunch Menu Ideas

easter brunch menu ideas

Needing ideas for what to serve at your Easter brunch? Below is some inspiration for a simple, fresh, well-balanced menu to serve to your family and friends!

Easter Brunch Menu

Ham, roast beef, and/or turkey sandwiches on rolls

Carrots and celery with ranch dip

Homemade potato fries and sweet potato fries


Deviled eggs

Raspberry lemonade with lemon slices

Spread out the table buffet-style and provide plates and forks or just opt for eating with fingers. See the pictures below for inspiration on how to display the food.

Tip: Stick to bright Easter colors like pinks, yellows, greens, purples, etc. Use a bright table cloth and perhaps some paper confetti to make your table more colorful. If you have some fun Easter decor feel free to add that to your table.

If you are needing an idea for what to serve for dessert, click here for a recipe and directions for a DIY Rice Krispie Treat Flowers dessert. It is super easy to make and a cute addition to the table spread.

Happy Easter!

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