Weird Holidays in June You Didn’t Know Existed

June is here and so are all of the weird holidays in June. Get out your cat, because we’re about to share at least one unique and crazy holiday for every day in June. See the list below for this month’s version of weird holidays.

Weird Holidays in June Calendar

June 1 – Go Barefoot Day

June 2 – National Rocky Road Day

June 3 – Repeat Day & National Doughnut Day

June 4 – Hug Your Cat Day

June 5 – Hot Air Balloon Day

June 6 – National Yo-Yo Day

June 7 – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 8 – Best Friends Day

June 9 – Donald Duck Day

June 10 – Ball Point Pen Day

June 11 – National Corn On The Cob Day

June 12 – Superman Day & Red Rose Day

June 13 – Sewing Machine Day

June 14 – Monkey Around Day

June 15 – Smile Power Day

June 16 – Fresh Veggies Day

June 17 – Flip-Flop Day

June 18 – International Picnic Day & National Splurge Day

June 19 – National Kissing Day

June 20 – Ice Cream Soda Day

June 21 – International Yoga Day

June 22 – National Chocolate Eclair Day

June 23 – National Pink Day

June 24 – Take Your Dog To Work Day

June 25 – Global Beatles Day

June 26 – Beautician’s Day

June 27 – Sunglasses Day

June 28 – Paul Bunyan Day

June 29 – Camera Day

June 30 – Meteor Watch Day

Special thanks to Days of the Year and Holiday Insights for providing us with most of this information.

Happy June weird and crazy holidays! How will you be celebrating one of these funky days? Leave a quick comment below!

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