DIY Hack: How to Hide Ugly Electronics in Your Home

We all have them. . . eyesores (like cords, routers, cable boxes, thermostats, and more) throughout our homes. If you’re looking for a simple and easy idea to cover up the eyesores, here’s how to hide ugly electronics in your home: put your ugly electronics in a cute basket! This idea sounds so simple. . . because it is! You now have no excuse not to just do something about them. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a basket.

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I had an internet router and a cable box that I hated looking at and I wanted to camouflage. So, I bought a cheap basket at Goodwill (I think it was $2) and stuck those ugly electronics in my basket.

Here is a bird’s eye view of the basket so you can clearly see the router and cable box that I wanted to camouflage.

wire basket 1

And below are my “after photos” of what the basket of electronics looks like from straight on.

wire basket 2 wire basket 3

You can still tell that there are electronics in the basket, but it is way better and much cuter than having them sitting out exposed.

Tip: My basket is on top of our piano. By having the basket sitting up high, people are less able to look into the basket than, say, if the basket was sitting on the floor. I’m a tall person, and so for the average person walking into our home, the electronics in the basket would be even less noticeable.

Want some other ideas for hiding the eyesores? There is a great website (click here) that gives 21 ways to hide things in your home like cords, cables, a wireless router, a printer, a garage door opener, a wall vent, a thermostat, a litter box, the list goes on!

How have you hidden eyesores throughout your home? Please share by commenting below!

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