DIY Decoration Banner: Supplies, Directions, and Tips

Need a quick and cheap decoration idea? Make a DIY decoration banner! This is a great way to add some color or interest to an otherwise boring wall at home or for a party. Below you can see some examples of decoration banners. Below is also a list of supplies needed, step-by-step directions, and some quick tips for making your own DIY banner.

Supplies for DIY Decoration Banner

This is a super easy craft. Below are the things you’ll need to make your own DIY banner.

  • Twine
  • Little clothespins
  • Paper, ribbon, streamers, etc.


  1. Cut paper into triangles and clothespin them onto your twine.
  2. Cut strips of ribbon or sections of streamers (or both!)
  3. Tie the ribbon/streamers onto the twine between your paper triangles. If you’d rather, you can attach them with a little clothespin.
  4. Randomly grab different colored paper and ribbons when assembling your banner, and fill your twine until you’re satisfied with the look.


  1. Use colors that work with your color scheme and get creative.
  2. If you’re tying on your ribbon instead of using clothespins, add bulk to the banner by tying the ribbon so that both ends of it are dangling down. Also, keep your tie very loose to add some volume.
  3. Don’t worry about imperfections! It adds character and charm. Just have fun with it!

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