Card Making on a Budget: 3 Steps to Recycling Cards

Looking for a way to make cute homemade cards but don’t want to spend a bunch of money buying paper, bows, and embellishments? My best tip for making cards on a budget is to recycle and reuse cards.

Recycling Cards on a Budget Pinterest

Here are three easy steps to follow:

Step 1) Receive card

You probably receive a card, read it, and think, “Oh that’s so sweet!” and throw it away, or you may hang it up on the fridge for a while and then throw it away. Don’t throw it away! Whether it’s a thank you card, baby shower invitation, or birthday card from your cute grandma, size it up for its recyclable potential before you take a step closer to the trash can. Are there layered papers? Bows or buttons? Words or graphics popping out at you on double-sided foam tabs?

Step 2) Dissect card

This step can be as easy as cutting off the back fold of the card where they left you the lovely note, or you may find yourself gently pulling off ribbon or embellishments, salvaging some adorably printed paper, or cutting out a “Thank You.” Whatever you want to keep is fine, but stash these goodies away with your card making stuff, and you’ll be glad you did it later when you need a little something to stick on that card you’re making.

Step 3) Make your own card

The fun part! Your stash of salvaged treasures is at your disposal when you realize your mom’s birthday is a few days away and you need to make a card pronto. Mix and match pieces from your recycled cards or just slap the whole old card front onto a fresh folded piece of paper.

Recycling cards is a simple enough concept, but it has saved me a bunch of money over the long run! Now I really only need to buy envelopes, some solid paper here and there, and double sided tape to make a really cute card. Even if it’s recycled, I’d take a homemade card over a store bought one any day, and I bet your recipient will too.

(Need some inspiration for a card? Click here for a cute get well soon card idea.)

Happy card making!

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