Christmas Poop Treats

You’ve probably heard of using whoppers or milk duds for reindeer poop, but it certainly doesn’t have to stop there. If you are throwing a Christmas party, wondering what to give to the neighbors, or needing a cute treat for the kids, these Christmas Poop Treats are a fun go-to.

christmas poop

Christmas Poop Treats

Snowman poop: Mini marshmallows

Reindeer poop: Whoppers or milk duds

Gingerbread man poop: Peppermints or gumdrops

Elf poop: Red and green M&M’s

Nutcracker poop: Almonds or other nuts

Be sure to make labels! You can print off the titles and pictures of the different Christmas characters, or you can draw them like I did in the picture above.

This is a lighthearted treat so just have fun with it! Comment below if you can think of other fun Christmas Poop Treat ideas.

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