Bed and Bath Themed Bridal Shower on a Budget

Last summer I threw my adorable friend, Joy, a bridal shower. She wanted to have a Bed & Bath themed bridal shower! So on a tight budget I pulled together a fun, inexpensive, shower with the help of Rachel, a good friend of mine. Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your own Bed and Bath Themed Bridal Shower!


To save money, I went with the practical electronic invitation. I used to create and send mine. They have some cute styles for a variety of occasions, and the best part about evite is it’s FREE!


As the host, I asked guests to bring a present for the bride-to-be that she could put or use in her new bedroom or bathroom. Gifts ended up ranging from fancy candles to soft bath towels to lingerie.


I wanted a–you guessed it–free venue to hold the shower. My little Seattle apartment was too small to hold all the girls, so I used the foyer/sitting area at our local church. It wasn’t the cutest place ever, but with the help of a little decor we were able to make it feel cute.


To incorporate the theme (and because I was on a budget!) I used decor from around my own bedroom and bathroom. In the pictures you will see a bathroom basket (with soap, lotion, hand towel, etc.), vintage wooden hangers, a curtain, picture frames, candles, etc. My secret tactic is to focus most of the decor efforts on one or two areas–like a table. That way it ends up being really noticeable instead of all spread out. For this bridal shower, I had two main tables: the food table and the cupcake table. You’ll see I concentrated decor there. I also put cute pillows and blankets from my home over the ugly couches to try and cover/soften them up. My friend, Rachel, also made a banner that we hung around the whole space.

The bride-to-be’s wedding colors are blush pink, champagne, and light grey so I tried to incorporate those colors into the decor and food at the shower.


The shower was around brunch time so we had some brunchy food options: pink cupcakes with grey and white sprinkles, chicken salad croissant sandwiches (kind of champagne colored right?), watermelon (pink!), cream puffs, and pink lemonade… Can you tell I’m obsessed with trying to come up with food that matches the color theme? I also got some grey napkins and plates–definitely went the paper route here for less cleanup.

🙂 It was a low-cost, simple shower, but it was a lot of fun! Best of all, the bride-to-be was radiant! If you can think of other ways to incorporate the Bed & Bath theme into a bridal shower please add your ideas in the comments below!

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