An Apple a Day Card: Get Well Soon Card

Looking for a creative twist on the typical “Get Well Soon” card? Look no further.

I love making “An Apple a Day” cards. I usually make mine so the card says, “An Apple a Day…” on the front cover and then on the inside says, “Keeps the Doctor Away.”

An Apple a Day Card logoWhen someone is sick or not feeling well, it is so fun to brighten their day by bringing them one of these cards. And of course to make it cuter, I also bring the recipient something to do with apples: an apple, apple juice, applesauce, apple pie, apple flavored candy, etc. (The apple juice and applesauce are especially good for someone who just got their wisdom teeth out.)

Try it out! We’d love to see your versions of the An Apple a Day card. Also, please share any additional ideas you have for get well soon cards in the comments below!

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