9 Stocking Stuffer Theme Ideas [For Everyone]

Sometimes it feels like Christmas stocking stuffers are the same-old year after year. Why not spice things up this Christmas? Here are 9 jolly stocking stuffer theme ideas that can be personalized for any member of your family: Dad, Mom, boys, and girls.

9 stocking stuffer theme ideas

9 Stocking Stuffer Theme Ideas:

1. You are LOVED

Colors: red, pink, white, silver

Toys & Stuffers (in theme colors): teddy bear or stuffed animal, socks, chapstick, lipstick, massage gift card, lingerie, jewelry, nail polish, love letters, slinky, hearts card game, chalk, fleece gloves, “what I love about you” book

Food & Treats (in theme colors): sweethearts candy hearts, red apple, white chocolate, white cheddar popcorn, hot tamales, candy canes, peppermints, pink gummy rings, starbursts, silver wrapped Hershey kisses, pink chocolate covered pretzels, sugar cookies, Good & Plenty candy, wax lips

2. You are HOT

Colors: red, orange, yellow, white, black

Toys & Stuffers (in theme colors): sunglasses, Kindle Fire, Hot Wheels, tool kit, air fresheners, amazon gift card, tanning salon gift card, swim suit, lighter, candles, Icy Hot, fire truck, fire fighters, Lord of the Rings stuff, jewelry, makeup, beauty kit, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie/book/soundtrack, summer vacation tickets

Food & Treats (in theme colors): hot tamales, hot sauce, barbecue chips, Cheetos, gold fish, Cheese Nips, apple, banana, orange, Hershey’s red kisses, Twizzlers, Red Hots, candy canes, black licorice, cinnamon bear, cinnamon gum, hot chocolate


Colors: black & gold (for Dad), white & gold & silver (for Mom), pink (for girls), blue (for boys)

Toys & Stuffers (in theme colors): mirror, makeup, beard grooming supplies, hair gel/ hairspray, jewelry, scarves, nail polish, chapstick, lotion, spa gift card, camera/smartphone, selfie stick, razor refills, swim suit

Food & Treats (in theme colors): Big Hunk bar, dark/white Dove chocolate, ring pops, candy necklaces, Hershey’s kisses, red hots, hot tamales, tootsie rolls, popcorn

4. You are STRONG

Colors: any

Toys & Stuffers (in theme colors): gym membership, water bottle, yoga pants, sweatband, weight lifting gloves, dance or sport classes, personal training, jump rope, exercise clothing or socks, Fitbit activity tracker, stopwatch, iTunes gift card, headphones, earbuds, wireless stereo

Food & Treats (in theme colors): Clif bars, granola bar, banana, orange, apple, Powerade/Gatorade, smoothie/juice gift card (e.g., Jamba Juice), granola, oatmeal

5. You are SWEET

Colors: bright colors

Toys & Stuffers (in theme colors): Life Savers hard candy storybooks, Skullcandy earbuds, Skullcandy headphones, Candy Land printable mini game, bubblegum machine, cake decorating supplies, flavored chapstick, DIY bead jewelry, clothes or socks, bows/headbands, watches, Baskin-Robbins or Cold Stone gift card, Popsicle mold

Food & Treats (in theme colors): SweeTarts, favorite king-sized candy, cotton candy, gumdrops, M&M’s, Skittles, Laffy Taffy, multi-colored candy canes, lollipops, powered sugar popcorn, caramel popcorn, ring pop, jelly beans, candy necklace

6. You are HAPPY

Colors: yellow, white

Toys & Stuffers (in theme colors): hat, socks, chapstick, smiley face stickers, balloons, bouncy ball, Play Dough, journal, nail polish, candles, soaps, lotion, toiletries, gold balls, air fresheners, magnets, bubbles, quote jar, seashell collection, jewelry, dress-ups, headphones, iTunes

Food & Treats (in theme colors): lemon drops, lemon heads, oranges, orange juice, lemonade, juicy fruit gum, Classic Lay’s chips, peanut M&M’s, Mr. Goodbar, Corn Pops cereal, cinnamon roll

7. You are SMART

Colors: red, green, orange, blue, yellow, black

Toys & Stuffers (in theme colors): calculator, journal & pen, magnifying glass, real/fake glasses, bow ties, origami supplies, crafting supplies, book of facts, Kindle, Kindle gift card, library card, subscription to magazine/newspaper, Boggle, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, pocket dictionary, electronics, legos, Rubix cube, money

Food & Treats (in theme colors): Smarties candies, Gobstoppers, Smart water, gummy worms, apple, orange, banana, nuts, trail mix

8. You are SUPER

Colors: red, blue, yellow, and green (and pink for girls)

Toys & Stuffers (in theme colors): Superhero mask, cape, legos, superhero action figures, capstick, socks, toothbrush, Superhero movie, water guns, nerf guns, sticky men toys, gold jewelry, key finder, headphones, belt

Food & Treats (in theme colors): Pop Rocks, Jolly Ranchers, Starbursts, red/green apple, banana, 5 gum, green mints, peppermints, candy canes

9. You are COOL

Colors: blue, white, silver, black

Toys & Stuffers (in theme colors): gloves, scarves, socks, ICY HOT, Popsicle mold, Baskin-Robbins or Cold Stone gift card, ice skating tickets, polar bear stuffed animal, Frozen/Elsa stuff, diamond or pearl jewelry, chapstick, black ice headphones, ice scraper, princess crown/tiara, silver watch

Food & Treats (in theme colors): ice breakers, white/dark chocolate Lindor truffles, blue pop rocks, blueberry candy cane, powdered sugar popcorn, marshmallows, PolarIce/WinterFresh gum, white chocolate covered pretzels, mint Life Saver candy

9 stocking stuffer theme ideas b

Let us know which stocking stuffer theme ideas work best for your family by commenting below! We’d also love to know what else are your go-to stocking stuffers.

Merry Christmas and merry stuffing!

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