41 Ways to Say THANK YOU with Candy

41 ways to say thank you with candy

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Are you needing to show a little appreciation? We’ve all got someone we need to thank. You may need to give a big thank you to a teacher who went above and beyond for you, a coach who mentored you all season, or your coworkers who made that J-O-B survivable. Or, you may feel the need to show some thanks for the little things… thanking a neighbor who shoveled your driveway, the guy at the grocery store who’s always smiling, or your hairdresser for the cute haircut. Whatever your reason, saying, “thank you,” is a small act that means a lot.

Below is a list of candies and candy bars with a thank you pun or play-on-words to make saying, “thanks!” fun. Just attach the short saying to the associated candy bar and you’ve got yourself a cute and creative thank you gift!

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41 Ways to Say THANK YOU with Candy

(Alphabetical Candy List)

1. 100 Grand: Thanks so much! You’re GRAND!

2. Baby Ruth: Thanks, BABY, you’re the best! (Click here for a 24 pack if you need to give multiple thank you gifts.)

3. Big Hunk: Hey BIG HUNK, you’re the greatest! Thank you!

4. Boston Baked Beans: I’ve BEAN meaning to tell you thanks!

5. Cadbury Creme Egg: You’ve been EGGcelent! Thanks so much!

6. Candy Corn: This is kinda CORNY, but you’re the best! Thanks!

7. Charleston Chew: If I had to pick 1 person to be thankful for, I’d CHEWs you!

8. Chiclets: Hey CHICK, LETS  just admit you’re the best! Thank you!

9. Dots: Your help was right on the DOT! Thanks so much!

10. Gobstopper: Just STOPping by to say thanks! (Check out this 12 pack.)

11. Good and Plenty: You deserve PLENTY of thanks!

12. Gumdrops: Just DROPping by to say thanks!

13. Gummy Bears/Cinnamon Bears: This BEAR-ly does it justice, but thank you!

14. Gushers: I’m just GUSHING to tell you thanks!

15. Hershey Kisses: You deserve a KISS and a thanks! (Check out these Hershey kisses stickers to put on your kisses as a gift.)

16. Hot Tamales: I was in the HOT seat, so thanks for your help!

17. Jawbreaker: Your help was JAW-dropping! Thanks so much! (Click here for some fun jumbo jawbreakers.)

18. Jolly Rancher: I better JOLLY-well say thanks!

19. Laffy Taffy: Thanks for all the LAFFs!

20. Lemonhead: You really helped me get aHEAD. Thank you!

21. Lifesaver: You’re a LIFESAVER! Thanks so much!

22. Lollipop: Just POPping by to say thanks! (Here are some cute pink and blue lollipops.)

23. Mike and Ike: I’d L-IKE to say thanks!

24. Milk Duds: I’d be a DUD without you. Thanks for all you do!

25. Mints: Thanks! That MINT a lot to me. (And check out these thank you mints as a gift.)

26. Peanut M&Ms: I would have gone NUTS without you! Thanks!

27. Peeps: Thank you! Of all the PEEPS, you’re my fav.

28. Pop Rocks: You ROCK! Thanks so much! (Click here for an assorted variety.)

29. Red Vines: You’re d-VINE! Thank you!

30. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: For want of a BUTTER word… Thanks!

31. Reese’s Pieces: I’d be in PIECES without you. Thanks for all you do!

32. Skittles: You’ve been the RAINBOW in my cloud. Thank you! (Click here to get a 54 oz bag… you’re welcome.)

33. Sour Patch: Thanks for your help during my SOUR PATCH! You’re the best!

34. Spree: You deserve a thanking SPREE!

35. Starburst: You’re a superSTAR! I’m so thankful I could BURST! (Check out this Starburst 24 pack to give as a gift.)

36. Sugar Daddy: Thank you, SUGAR, you’re wonderful!

37. Swedish Fish: You are o-FISH-ally the best! Thanks! (Check out our post on how to make this cute gift idea by clicking here.)

38. Sweet Tarts: Thanks so much! You’re a SWEETHEART!

39. Tootsie Roll: You’re on a ROLL! Thanks! (Check out this Tootsie Roll bag as a gift idea.)

40. York Peppermint Pattie: I need to PEPPER you with thanks!

41. Werther’s Originals: Don’t know WERTHER I’ve said it enough… but thanks!

Hopefully this list of different candy bars and candies has given you some cute ideas and inspiration for saying, “thank you.” If you have any other cute candy thank you ideas, please leave a comment below!

Thanks! 😉

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