41 Ways to Say THANK YOU with Food & Drinks

Our post 41 Ways to Say THANK YOU with Candy is one of our most viewed posts, so we’re adding to the list with 41 ways to say thank you with food and drinks. This is great for all of those people who may be looking for a sugar-free alternative or just more thank you ideas in general. This list uses different foods and drinks found at almost any grocery store and has a cute and clever pun or play-on-words associated to them that will make saying “thanks!” fun.

It is our opinion that saying, “thank you,” is a small act that means a lot. So check out the list below, pick your favorite, and you’ve got yourself a cute and creative thank you gift that is sure to brighten someone’s day!

ways to say thank you with food and drink

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41 Ways to Say THANK YOU with Food & Drink

  1. Fruit Gushers: Let me GUSH about how great you are!
  2. Kind Bars: Thanks for all of your KINDness!
  3. Goldfish Crackers: You are o-FISH-ally the best! (Check out our post on how to make this cute gift idea by clicking here.)
  4. Rold Gold Pretzels: You’ve got a heart of GOLD. Many thanks!
  5. Ruffles: Thanks for unRUFFLING my feathers. You were such a help!
  6. Sun Chips: Hey SUNshine, you’re the best! (Click here for a cute card option to go with this gift.)
  7. Cheetos: Thanks for putting up with my CHEESINESS!
  8. Cool Ranch Doritos: Thanks for being so COOL!
  9. Nacho Cheese Doritos: It was NACHO problem but you helped anyway. Many thanks!
  10. Funyuns: Thanks for all the FUN!
  11. Corn Nuts: This may sound CORNY, but I would have gone NUTS without your help!
  12. Chips Ahoy: AHOY there, thanks so much!
  13. Cheerios: CHEERIO darlin’, thanks for all of your help!
  14. Kix: Thanks for all of the KIX and giggles!
  15. Life: Thanks for everything, you make LIFE more rich!
  16. Honey Bunches of Oats: HONEY, thanks a BUNCH!
  17. Lucky Charms: Thanks, I’m so LUCKY to have you!
  18. Donuts: You DONUT know how much I appreciate you! (Check out our post on how to make this cute gift by clicking here.)
  19. Moon Pies: Thank you to the MOON and back!
  20. Bittersweet Chocolate Chips: Life was BITTER, but you made it SWEET! Thank you.
  21. Ice Cream: You’re the CREAM of the crop! Thanks so much!
  22. Pie: Hey cutie PIE, thanks so much!
  23. Bubble Gum: Don’t want to burst your BUBBLE, but you’re the best! (Here is a giant tub of bubble gum that would make a fun thank you gift.)
  24. Extra Gum: Thank you for going the EXTRA mile for me!
  25. Sweets: Thanks so much, you are the SWEETEST!
  26. Berries: Thanks, you’ve been BERRY helpful!
  27. Pear: We made a great PEAR. Thanks for teaming up with me!
  28. Peach: Thanks, you’re such a PEACH! (Click here for a cute card option to go along with this gift.)
  29. Bananas/Banana Chips: I would have gone BANANAS without your help!
  30. Olives: Thank you, OLIVE us really appreciate you!
  31. Pickles: I was in a PICKLE. Thanks for your help!
  32. Jif Peanut Butter: Thanks for being there in a JIFfy!
  33. Honey: Hey HONEY, thanks for being so sweet! (Check out this pure raw natural honey comb that would make a really nice and unique gift.)
  34. Jam: I was in a JAM; thanks for helping me out!
  35. Kool Aid Bursts: I’m just BURSTING with gratitude!
  36. Kool Aid: Thanks for coming to my AID! That was super KOOL of you.
  37. Simply Lemonade: You are SIMPLY the best!
  38. Lemonade: Thanks, friend! You turned my lemons into LEMONADE. (These cute lemonade thank you cards would be nice to get if you don’t want to worry about making your own card.)
  39. Nesquik: Just wanted to QUIKly say thanks!
  40. Mountain Dew: Thanks so much for all you DEW!
  41. Minute Maid: You MAID my day. Thanks for everything!

Hopefully this list of different foods and drinks has gotten your creative juices flowing and given you ideas and inspiration for saying, “thank you.” If you have any other cute thank you ideas, please leave a comment below! And THANKS in advance! 🙂

–Peach photo is from Alchetron with license CC by-SA 3.0.–

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