25 {Boy} Baby Shower Theme Ideas

  1. Under Construction baby shower

    • Inspiration: construction zone
    • Colors: yellow, black
    • Decor: hardhats, shovels, dirt, construction sign, yellow construction trucks
    • Food: oreo “dirt” cake, Ho Hos, yellow frosted chocolate cupcakes, chocolate milk, brownies
  2. No Pink Allowed! baby shower

    • Inspiration: treehouse, clubhouse
    • Colors: aqua blue, brown
    • Decor: wood, paint splatters, plants, children’s handwriting, aqua blue balloons, metal containers
    • Food: turkey sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, green salad, picnic foods
  3. Under the Sea baby shower

    • Inspiration: ocean floor
    • Colors: various shades of blue, yellow, orange
    • Decor: fish bowls, grassy plants, sand, seahorses, fish, rope netting, coral, starfish, bubbles, blue and clear balloons
    • Food: orange creamsicle dessert w/ graham cracker topping, blue m&ms, gold fish crackers, tuna croissant sandwiches, Swedish fish, star-shaped cookies
  4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar baby shower

    • Inspiration: “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle (see our Very Hungry Caterpillar baby shower here)
    • Colors: dark green, light green, red, yellow, bright colors
    • Decor: colorful circles, colorful balloons, rustic accents, classic white accents
    • Food: any of the food specified in the book
  5. Choo Choo! All Aboard for Baby! baby shower

    • Inspiration: train station (vintage twist on the theme is optional)
    • Colors: red, blue, green, yellow, gray, black
    • Decor: toy trains, railroad crossing signs, vintage luggage, lanterns, train tickets, passports
    • Food: cookies like train wheels, cupcakes with colored frosting, taffy, pretzel sticks, flavored popcorn
  6. Ship Ahoy! It’s a Boy! baby shower

    • Inspiration: nautical
    • Colors: navy blue, red or yellow, white, brown
    • Decor: anchor, helm, nautical rope, sail boat, lifesaver, sail (flag), lighthouse, netting
    • Food: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, lemon bars, shrimp kabobs, cashews, lifesavers candies
  7. Precious Cargo baby shower

    • Inspiration: airplanes & aviation
    • Colors: dark blue, light blue, white, red
    • Decor: model planes, clouds, vintage luggage, globe, rustic wood
    • Food: blue or red lollipops, white frosted red velvet cupcakes, chocolate dipped marshmallows, blue Kool-Aid
  8. “Something Cool, Something Sweet” Lemonade Stand baby shower

    • Inspiration: children’s lemonade stand
    • Colors: light blue, lemon yellow
    • Decor: homemade banners, rustic/reclaimed wood, chalkboards, mason jars, fun straws, lemons, pinwheels
    • Food: lemonade (of course!), cream cheese frosted lemon cupcakes, blue/yellow cakepops
  9. “Come One Come All” Circus baby shower

    • Inspiration: circus tent
    • Colors: red and white stripes with blue/yellow accents
    • Decor: animals (elephant, lion, bear, monkey), circus tent, striped table cloth, clowns, balloons, banner
    • Food: animal crackers, popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs, soft pretzels, caramel apples
  10. Ba Ba Baby baby shower

    • Inspiration: lamb
    • Colors: pastel blue, white, off-white, brown, light green
    • Decor: flowers (e.g., babies breath), white serving dishes, apothecary jars, twine, white picket fence, white balloons, lambs
    • Food: caramel apples, cinnamon dusted donuts, cream cheese frosted chocolate cupcakes
  11. A Little Superhero baby shower

    • Inspiration: superheros
    • Colors: blue, red, yellow, green
    • Decor: red/white chevron napkins, balloons, batman, superman, spiderman, hulk, comic book (“Bang!”, “Pow!”, “Ka-Boom!”), cityscape silhouette
    • Food: colorfully frosted chocolate cupcakes, fruit parfait (blueberries, strawberries, whip, granola), broccoli w/ dip, turkey/ham sandwiches
  12. All Star Sports baby shower

    • Inspiration: sports
    • Colors: red, orange, blue, brown, black
    • Decor: baseball, basketball, soccer, football, homemade banner, grassy “turf”, stars, balloons, jerseys
    • Food: concessions (hot dogs, hamburgers, peanuts, popcorn), chocolate dipped strawberries, Caesar salad
  13. ABC baby shower

    • Inspiration: school classroom & the alphabet
    • Colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, green purple
    • Decor: chalkboards, storybooks, alphabet letters, numbers, school desk, rustic metal containers, clothespins
    • Food: teacher’s apples, colorful cupcakes, crackers w/ cheese & meat, chocolate chip cookies & milk
  14. Watercolor baby shower

    • Inspiration: watercolors
    • Colors: pastel red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple
    • Decor: painted baby onesies (guests draw using fabric markers), watercolor paper, paint brushes, paint on paper tablecloths, color tinted glass jars, pastel colored balloons
    • Food: pastel rainbow layer cake, fruit salad, green salad, pasta salad, lemonade or Kool-Aid
  15. Sweet Things baby shower

    • Inspiration: candy
    • Colors: blue, white
    • Decor: apothecary jars, white table cloths, blue/white balloons, plastic candy bags, homemade banner
    • Food: (all blue or white) cotton candy, m&m’s, skittles, chocolate covered pretzels, taffy, lollipops, licorice, gumballs, cake pops, rock candy pops
  16. King of the Jungle baby shower

    • Inspiration: jungle
    • Colors: green, yellow, orange, brown
    • Decor: animals (elephant, leopard, tiger, monkey, elephant, giraffe), palm trees, tall grasses, green/yellow balloons, plants, green/yellow streamers, zebra stripes, giraffe spots, leopard spots, twine, burlap
    • Food: cream cheese frosted chocolate cupcakes, carrots, celery, green salad, lemon bars, pineapple, banana/mango fruit kabobs, limeade/lemonade, green grapes, banana bread
  17. Picnic baby shower

    • Inspiration: family picnic
    • Colors: red, white, black, navy blue
    • Decor: picnic table cloth, picnic basket, ants, wood crates, picnic table, mason jars w/ straws, white/red balloons, DIY banner, chalkboard, metal pails
    • Food: deviled eggs, fruit cups, watermelon, grilled sandwiches, chocolate cookies, baguette w/ cheese, grape juice, pasta salad, bagels & cream cheese
  18. Little Lullaby baby shower

    • Inspiration: sheet music & music notes
    • Colors: white, black, silver, navy blue
    • Decor: vintage sheet music, black metal, classic white serving dishes, silver, twine, clothespins, burlap, musical instrument (piano, violin), mason jars, apothecary jars, sheet music banner, music notes, twigs
    • Food: hot chocolate w/ marshmallows, symphony bar, rich chocolate cake, cream cheese frosted vanilla cupcakes, eclairs, powdered doughnut holes, rolled wafer, chocolates (dark, milk, & white), garlic bruschetta
  19. Oink, Moo, Neigh! Baby Boy on the Way! baby shower

    • Inspiration: farmyard & barnyard
    • Colors: barn red, white, yellow, brown, orange, green
    • Decor: hay, distressed wood, metal pails, cow spots, animals (cow, horse, pig, chicken, rooster), horseshoes, pitchfork, wheelbarrow, bandannas, tractor, grass
    • Food: rice krispy treats, oreo dirt cake, carrots, celery, green salad, caramel apples, apple cider, deviled eggs, cherry pie, flavored breads & butter, corn on the cob, “mashtini” bar, mac & cheese bar
  20. Cars baby shower

    • Inspiration: race track & pit stop
    • Colors: red, white, black, yellow, green, blue
    • Decor: road, cars, tires, road signs (stoplight, stop sign, yield sign), racing flag, finish line, orange cones, flames, winner’s trophy, race track, balloons
    • Food: stoplight popsciles, white chocolate covered strawberries, apple slices, celery, green salad, frosted cupcakes, powdered doughnuts, lime soda, peppermint
  21. Brave Little Indian baby shower

    • Inspiration: Native American Indians
    • Colors: navy blue, light blue, mustard yellow, forest green, mint green, peach, clay red, gray
    • Decor: arrows, triangles, indian teepee, rustic wood, moccasins, feathers, beads, twine, burlap, clothespins, cactus, dreamcatcher, rocks, pumpkins, wood crates
    • Food: sweedish fish, ice cream cone teepees, trail mix, corn on the cob, “mashtini bar”, veggie tray, green salad, scones w/ honey & powdered sugar, corn & black bean salad, blackberries, cherry pie, pumpkin bread
  22. Whoo Is Coming Soon? baby shower

    • Inspiration: owls (see our owl themed girl baby shower here)
    • Colors: light blue, light green, light purple, brown
    • Decor: wood, feathers, twigs, mason jars, twine, burlap table cloth, chalkboard, frames, DIY banner, hung onesies, balloons, trees, plants
    • Food: birds nest dessert, crackers & cheese, purple frosted sugar cookies & milk, broccoli w/ ranch, muddy buddies, rice krispy treats, cake pops, brownies, ham & cheese croissant sandwiches
  23. Apple of my Eye baby shower

    • Inspiration: apple barrel & apple tree
    • Colors: green, red, brown
    • Decor: wood, barrels, wooden ladders, burlap, twine, clothespins, dark metal, mason jars w/ fun straws, DIY banner, green apples, red apples, green & white Hydrangeas, metal pails, chalkboard
    • Food: caramel apple, apple pie, apple cider cups w/ cinnamon sticks, pecan apple salad, flavored popcorn, scones w/ powdered sugar & syrup, apple cinnamon bread
  24. Bubble Bath baby shower

    • Inspiration: rubber ducks & bubble baths
    • Colors: light blue, yellow, white, brown
    • Decor: rubber ducks, fish bowls w/ floating candles, balloons, towels, lemons, apothecary jars, dark classic wood, classic white serving dishes, silver, circles, DIY banner
    • Food: lemonade, blue sherbet punch, cream cheese frosted lemon & chocolate cupcakes, malt balls, yellow & blue gumballs, popcorn (cheese, caramel, butter, white chocolate flavored), rice krispy treats, blue jello w/ cream & marshmallows
  25. Happy Camper baby shower

    • Inspiration: camping & boy scouts
    • Colors: brown, blue, green, orange
    • Decor: rustic wood, pine trees, twigs, tents, pillows, stars, lanterns, moss, stones, wood crates, backpacks, sleeping bags, pine cones, greenery, green flowers, baby’s breath, mason jars, burlap, twine, clothespins, oars, boats, bears
    • Food: s’mores, pretzel sticks, chocolate dipped marshmallows, green & brown m&m’s, oreo dirt cake, dutch oven cobbler,  trail mix, popcorn, ants on a log, carrots sticks, green salad

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    1. Thank you Chelsea! Yesss. Having a themed baby shower not only makes the end result soo cute, but the process getting there is simplified because it creates a vision and eliminates distraction.

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