21 Things to Do Inside on a Rainy or Snowy Day

Tut tut! Looks like rain! Or snow maybe. If you’re a homebody when it’s cold and wet outside, these 21 things to do inside on a rainy or snowy day will lighten your mood and rejuvenate you! If you’re home alone, take time to enjoy yourself and do something cozy. If you have little ones at home with you, just remember, the more the merrier!

21 things to do inside on a rainy or snowy day hot chocolate

21 things to do inside on a rainy or snowy day

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  1. Draw on a mirror with a dry erase marker or lipstick
  2. Write a letter to a family member or friend you’ve been neglecting (How cute is this stationary paper and envelope pack?!)
  3. Make different flavored hot chocolate by melting things inside (e.g., peppermint, snickers) and decide which one you like best
  4. Paint your toenails
  5. Do family history (this is a fantastic website for finding ancestors: Family Search)
  6. Make a hearty chicken noodle soup and eat with a grilled cheese sandwich
  7. Sit by the fireplace and daydream
  8. Read a book (like Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages or the very popular The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up)
  9. Take a warm bubble bath
  10. Make a homemade face mask (click here for our DIY face mask recipes)
  11. Make a pillow/blanket nest
  12. Watch a movie or show series (like The Notebook or Downtown Abbey)
  13. Put clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes before putting them on (trust us…it’s amazing!)
  14. Finger paint
  15. Make warm chocolate chip cookies
  16. Organize your closet
  17. Put on warm/fuzzy socks (vintage style wool socks or super soft polyester socks will do the trick)
  18. Memorize an uplifting scripture or quote
  19. Do an annonymous random act of kindness for a friend or stranger
  20. Write in your journal (if you don’t have one, start one!)
  21. Express gratitude through prayer, a phone call, an email, or a handwritten note

So…did you sink up to your neck in a bubble bath or did you finally organize your closet? Let us know what you decided to do while taking refuge inside by commenting below! And feel free to provide other ideas of your favorite things to do inside on a rainy or snowy day.

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